Project SR E30: Part 7 – Wiring and First Startup!
We noticed that our front lower control arm lollipop bushings had quite a bit of slop.
BMW E30 Polyurethane Offset Lolipop Bushing
To remedy this issue, we replaced them with polyurethane bushings. These particular lollipop bushings are also offset to increase the caster of the front suspension.
BMW E30 Front Suspension
With the new bushings installed, we reassembled the front suspension.

We are extremely excited that Project SR E30 finally runs! We still have a few things to finish up before we can take it for a spin however. We still need to loom the wiring harness and add a fuse box to run our electric fans. There is also a small compatibility issue with the AC compressor wiring that will require us to add an extra AC relay to our fuse box. We will tackle all of this at a later date.

Look out for the next episode where we make a custom exhaust for this car!

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  1. Awesome project!!! Im working on my wiring harness now. By any chance do you still have the pinouts from the engine harness?? I could really use some help lol

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