Project Tacoma TRD Pro Style Grille

Tacoma-ProGrille-LeadShotTRD Pro Style Grille

One of the most common modifications for Tacoma’s is the TRD Pro Style Grille.  I hope I’m avoiding some copyright law by using quotes for ‘pro style’ as we go on here, hopefully the lawyers don’t realize I missed one above. Toyota’s aftermarket and racing division TRD even encouraged the grille replacement process at one point.  They created a vlog series on YouTube on how to make your non-Pro Tacoma like a Pro by adding the TRD Pro Style Grille parts through the TRD parts division.  Was it stopped because Pro owners complained or Toyota realized it cheapened their top trim brand or were they simply making too much money is unknown.  Read on to see the details of this addition to our Tacoma Project.

This is how the R4T grille comes in the box. You assemble the letters and if you have a forward collision sensor the insert shown is removed.
The aforementioned letters shown here. We chose cement color to match the paint on our Tacoma. It looks like most paint color options are an option from R4T.

For a while those who were crafty with part numbers could buy the factory pro grille at a decent price after Toyota ended the grille program through TRD.  Eventually parts managers got greedy, artificially inflating the prices of the Toyota badge that was necessary to complete the upgrade.  Even further down Tacoma nerdom for those that simply must have a factory grille; it can be ordered from the Trail Edition trim if you can live with your TOYOTA letters in bronze.  This sub-culture goes deep and we’re going a few steps further with our ‘Pro style’ (now the lawyers are happy) grille from R4T.

Grille Options

Here are the Raptor LED’s amber in color with smoked housings. To start we chose the add-a-fuse option to power the lights.
Assembly of the letters is easy with a phillips head screwdriver but we must have gone through about four screwdrivers before I found the right size and depth for these tiny screws. We’re pleased to see screws used to attach the letters vs adhesive tape which probably wouldn’t last long in sweltering summer climates.

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