Project Tacoma TRD Pro Style Grille
Here’s the forward collision sensor attached to the new grille.
And finally we have a pro style grille. If you look closely we got a little ahead of ourselves and popped in the stealthy smoked Raptor lights.

Raptor Light Wiring

Installing the raptor lights to the TRD Pro style grille is also easy with a push click to secure.  Powering the lights can vary depending on configuration. We choose the add a fuse option which piggy backs on an existing powered circuit in the fuse panel located in the engine compartment.  At first it seemed like a logical choice to pair the add a fuse with the DRL circuit for our daytime running lights but we quickly found out that this circuit always has power. 

Next we tried the drivers side headlight circuit and this worked powering on only when the headlights were on.  In our research the Tacoma forums; some have used the INJ circuit. This is the ignition circuit and this works to keep the lights on when the ignition is on.  We rejected this option in principle because adding any potential issue to the ignition system seems like a bad idea.  We hooked into the drivers side headlight circuit as a temporary compromise, only having grill lights when the headlights are on.

Here’s the add a fuse location we plugged into. The Drivers side headlight power. This way the Raptor lights are on when the headlights are on and off when the headlights are off. The DRL fuse had constant power so the Raptor lights remained on even though the engine was off.
Sorry we didn’t capture a better picture of this but the wiring assembly on the top right can be released with a flathead screwdriver. We did this to run the power wire for the add a fuse.
We utilized a factory grounding point for the add-a-fuse to complete the powering of the circuit.

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