Project Tacoma TRD Pro Style Grille

The R4T TRD pro style grille has a few options depending on personal preferences and whether the Tacoma comes equipped with a forward collision sensor.  We have that option so we need the garnish.  Other grille options are letter color for the individual letters that spell TOYOTA.  R4T has many color choices to either blend with the Tacoma paint scheme to match or stand out in any manner of configurable ways.  The last choice was choosing raptor style lights either in a set of three or four and in clear or smoked housings with white or amber LED lights.  We’ll take ours with cement colored letters with 4 smoked amber LED’s please.  

With the letters fastened we’re ready to remove the old grille. Also shown is the forward collision sensor garnish. We’ll be pulling the sensor from the OEM grille.

Grille Removal

Removal of the old grille is simple. These two push fasteners and two 10mm bolts on top. A firm tug will release the grille.
It’s not just following the crowd but the TRD pro style grille does look better to us then the Off-Road trim grille.

Removal of the old grille and frame is super easy and attached by two push clips and two 10mm bolts at the top of the frame.  With that done a firm tug will remove the grille with the frame assembly.  A series of small Phillips screws attach the grille to the frame so those need to be removed as well.  These screws will not be re-used.  At this point the only thing holding the grille to the frame is a few guiding tabs that center and secure the grille to the grille frame.  Once the old grille is off the new R4T grill is inserts into the frame and the whole assembly reattaches with the two push clips and 10mm bolts.

Here’s the forward collision sensor; we removed it to transfer over.
These screws hold the OEM grille to the grille frame. The screws are not used on the new TRD pro style grille.

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