Project Tacoma TRD Pro Style Grille
So here we are headlights on and Raptor LED’s on. This mod has to be worth 50hp.

FBC T-Harness for LED Headlights

If you’re still with us and want your raptor lights on when the Daytime Running lights are on and have factory LED headlights then you’re in the right place.  

The T-harness from FBC solutions has all OEM style connectors to make most of this plug and play. It’s adaptable depending on which LED’s you’re powering.

Thank goodness engineering geeks are also sometimes car/truck geeks; and they come up with custom solutions like this one (and others) from FBC Harness Solutions.  OEM style connectors T into the DRL circuit for both signal and power. 

We un-plugged the connector to the headlight and plugged it into the T-harness and connected the harness back to the headlight. Now we have our switched power for the Raptor LED’s off the Day Time Running light switch.

The raptor lights themselves draw a minor amount of amperage so overloading the wiring and circuit is not a concern.   

We clipped the power and ground from our add a fuse and soldered in this connector that plugs right into to our new T-harness.

With signal and power connected, tapping into the raptor light harness was relatively simple. We clip the power and ground for the add a fuse and solder in the connector provided by FBC. 

A little heat shrink is applied to complete our connection.

With heat-shrink and zip-ties our wiring is complete and we have raptor-led lights on when the daytime lights are on.  The raptor lights can be turned on and off with the daytime running lights via the light switch.

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