Project Toyota Supra MKIV: Part 7 – Choosing the right intercooler


When you order an intercooler kit upgrade, ETS offers optional blow-off valve flange choices, options are available for Greddy, TurboXS, Blitz, HKS, TiAL and Synapse.  We got ours with a TiAL flange.

ETS intercoolers are popular at Modified by KC, which has been the Supra’s home since the start of this project.  In fact, a couple of the Supra’s ETS intercooler-sportin’ roommates gathered around to check out the Supra’s new grill.  Powered by a Precision 6768 turbo, the red 3.0-liter Supra recently flowed an impressive, everyday-801whp on E85 at just 26 PSI on the dyno.

Since our ETS intercooler piping is meant for a stock intake manifold, we were going to need a custom up-pipe to mate with the Hypertune manifold.


To have everything match, MKC decided to go ahead and fabricate the rest of the intercooler piping in-house, and out of lightweight aluminum to help shed a little weight over the steel tubing as well.  Starting with the pre-intercooled compressor piping, MKC routed the piping underneath for a clean look.

Here’s a look at the lower piece, which houses our Precision Turbo-supplied, TiAL wastegate.

Here’s a close-up of the TiAL “Q” blow-off valve itself, which will ensure all the slacking boost will be expelled when the teacher closes the throttle door to the Hypertune classroom.

The 6061 aluminum-bodied valve is reported by TiAL to be the highest flowing unit on the market, supporting up to a whopping 1800hp.  Between the new exhaust manifold, turbocharger, and blow-off valve, we’re grinning silly with anticipation of all the new sounds we’ll be hearing soon!

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