Project Toyota Supra MKIV: Part 7 – Choosing the right intercooler


With our MKC piping completed, our engine bay is really coming to life aesthetically.  The setup looks like it should be a blast, but in a terrifying way.

If you read Part 5, then you may have noticed how crazy I can get with heat wraps and coating.  Thermo Tec sells a heat shield for intercooler piping called the “Cool Tube Heat Shielding”. 

While the outside features reflective aluminum, the inside is laced with heat-blocking fiberglass.  Optional colored laces are included, and we of course chose blue to match the car.

Installation is very straightforward.  Just measure how much you’ll need and then simply cut to the desired length.

With one package, we ended up shielding two pipes—the one coming from the compressor housing to block from unwanted radiator heat (but just to the first bend)…

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