Project Toyota Supra MKIV: Part 7 – Choosing the right intercooler



In the name of quietness and ground clearance, we’ve kept the Supra’s MKC-fabricated exhaust size to a full 3.5-in for the past few years.  Some day may be tempted enough to test ETS’ 4-in titanium system. 

Last winter, ETS was busy with R&D for the 2013 release of their new high performance parts for the Nissan GTR.  Check out this sweet looking twin turbo upgrade using Garrett turbochargers for those customers looking to crack 8-second quarter mile runs with over 1000whp!

ETS also released an intercooler upgrade (pictured in optional anodized finish).

Here’s a look at the full Nissan GTR intercooler kit, with everything included.

And here’s a look at ETS’ trick 4-in titanium exhaust system for the GTR.  While this setup can set you back over $5k, there’s a stainless steel version that slashes that price by nearly half.

I'd be lying if I said these pictures didn't make me wish I could afford a GTR!  But we've got a Supra project to finish.  Stay tuned, I promise the next installment will arrive quickly…

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Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS)
Modified by KC (MKC)



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