Project Toyota Supra MKIV: Part 7 – Choosing the right intercooler



…and here's the last wrapped pipe that feeds the Hypertune throttle body.

Some of you engineering “types” are probably wondering why we’d even bother blocking the heat coming from the radiator when the pre-intercooled, compressed air coming from the turbocharger, under load, is probably hotter than the radiated heat from the radiator, and needs to be dissipated.

While the car is running at highway speed there probably is little need to wrap that piping.  But our reason is more about low, around-town speeds and parking.  Anyone who’s parked for 10-15 minutes at the grocery store can see what happens to the underhood temp and, thus, intake air temp if they’ve got a gauge.  Without any ambient airflow, the temp rises significantly from the radiated heat from the exhaust manifold, engine block and radiator. 

If we can keep these charge pipes cooler for those brief parking moments (or after a staged burnout, or waiting in an autocross line), we should be able to slightly improve low-speed intercooler efficiency by lowering the temperature of air going in.  Our heavily louvered hood will help us even more.

So how effective will this intercooler be?  Only time will tell, but we’ll be reporting back with temperature findings once we get the car up and running.


As always, I like to snoop around MKC’s shop to see what else is cooking.  At the time of this writing, this white Supra was up to a nasty 1100whp on an AEM Series2 EMS.

Not a whole lot of aesthetics—just straight down to business. 

Also at the shop was this ETS turbo kit making its way onto a lucky customer’s 2005 Mitubishi Evo VIII.  When MKC completed the install, the car was tuned to a street-friendly 520whp and 400 lb-ft of torque on their own Dynojet 424x.

Check out ETS’ nice twin-scroll, equal-length exhaust manifold for the Evo.  The welds are super clean, and the firm stands behind these pieces with a lifetime warranty as well.

Flip to the next page to see what ETS has new in store for the Nissan GTR!

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