Project Toyota Supra MKIV: Part 7 – Choosing the right intercooler



The ETS core fits well and is a tight fit behind the crumple zones.

Here is the pipe MKC fabricated that will be taking chilled air from the intercooler…

…and up to the throttle body, where it expands to 90mm (3.5-in).  Here’s a look from the radiator.  Aesthetically, some Supra owners with large intake manifolds go up to 4-in piping on this last portion.  We didn’t do this because,  not only would we have to cut through the left-front fender to route the pipe, but our 90mm (3.5-in) throttle body and intercooler exit aren't 4-in anyway.

Once everything is up and running, however, we’re contemplating a test between the current setup versus custom 4-in tubing from the intercooler to the intake manifold to see if it makes any dynological sense.

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