Project Viper GTS: Part 2 – General Maintenance

One of the most frustrating issues I had with the Viper involves the air conditioning.  In the hot Florida weather, AC is very important and while the Viper’s AC isn’t overwhelming, it’s more than capable of getting the job done, except when it does not blow.  The issue here is the vacuum actuated blower doors.  The air conditioning uses vacuum from the intake manifold to power and open the air ducts.  The problem here is once you touch the throttle and the engine stops producing a vacuum, the AC doors slam shut and you no longer get air blowing through the vents.  It took some research to find this issue that can be solved with a $5 one-way check valve.

Vacuum Hose
This small hose that connects to the top runner of the intake manifold supplies the vacuum necessary to keep the AC doors open to allow airflow to inside the cabin.
This $5 one-way check valve solves this issue and keeps the AC blowing under all conditions.  This is hands down the best modification for the Viper, and I was willing to pay well over $100 to fix the problem.

What is needed is High-Use Plastic Check Valve, Nylon Body/Fluorosilicone Diaphragm, 3/16” barb (Part # 47245K26) and 1 foot of High-Tep Silicone Rubber Tubing, semisoft, 3/16” ID, 5/16” OD, Opaque Black, (Part # 51135K172) is also necessary for $0.95.
Valve inWith the valve installed to 2 inches of the 3/16” black tube with the black side facing the intake manifold, there is now vacuum holding the AC doors open at all times and you can stay cool in the Viper even on a hot day.

Next up we installed an AutoMeter electric gauge into a steering column gauge pod from ROE Racing.
We plugged our harness into the temperature sending unit via a Deutsch DTM connector.

Quick Reference:

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