Project Viper GTS: Part 2 – General Maintenance
Mounted Cluster
With the gauge pod installed, we just had to finish up the wiring.

We alternated male and female Deutsch connectors for the power and signal to not cross the wiring in the future.  Once plugged in and zip tied out of the way, we were ready to test the gauge.
Finished Gauge
Once we turn the ignition on, the gauge lights right up.  We clocked the gauge like most old-school racecars where 12 O’Clock (straight-up) is the limit of our operating temperature.  This configuration is advantageous and allows for a quick glance of the gauges since anything left of center is normal operating while right of center is a concern and running hot.    We clocked our gauge so 217*F is straight up which is where the highspeed fan kicks on.  The left button you can set two warning temperatures which cause the gauge to turn red then flash red which we set at 220*F and 230*F respectively.

With our Viper happy with fresh oil, filter, coolant, high performance wires and plugs, and upgrading a few other items in the cooling system and on the car, we are now ready to take the car to the dyno to get a baseline number and start squeezing some more ponies out of our massive 8.0L V10 engine.

I must say that by far the best modification that we have done was the $5 one-way check valve which keeps the AC blowing at all times.  With our new AutoMeter temperature gauge, we can accurately monitor the engine’s temperature and analyze the factory gauge’s accuracy and the engine’s response in normal and stressful conditions.

While at RareFab, we checked out a few cars and projects that they were working on.

RareFab manufactures the Lethal Performance 2015 Mustang Ecoboost Charge Pipe & Intercooler Upgrade Kits which replace the factory rubber hoses with high quality polished 6061 mandrel bent aluminum and a 550hp capable intercooler with minimal pressure drop and lower and more consistent charge temps.  Their attention to detail ensures a factory fit with no modifications and works with all factory sensors.

RareFab has teamed up with Blood Type Racing (who are contracted by Hyundai USA) to produce arguably the best turbo kits for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T. Handmade and TIG welded using T304 stainless steel, the BTR top mount twin-scroll turbo manifold is mounted perfectly and looks really clean in the engine bay.

RareFab also makes this beautiful Ferrari 348 Racing Exhaust which is acoustically designed to give the 3.4L four-valve V8 a “Formula 1”- like pitch more like the infamous 5-valve F355.  RareFab’s hand fabricated exhaust is 100% TIG-welded using aircraft grade T304 stainless steel and weighs in at a mere 21lbs.  Their attention to detail ensures a perfect fitment under all factory heat-shielding for a factory look and to keep the engine bay cool. CLICK HERE for the video of the exhaust.

We would like to thank Will from RareFab for his expertise and help.  Stay tuned for the next installment of Project Viper where we get a baseline dyno and test some intake modifications to get more power.



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