Project Viper GTS: Part 2 – General Maintenance
We routed the harness past the brake booster and to this panel in front of the door.
We had to remove the panel via four 10mm bolts.
With the panel removed, we ran the wire up to and though the edge of the door panel wiring harness grommet and into the driver’s side footwell.
To power our electric gauge, we took power from Fuse #6 which controls the flashers and turn signals and is an ignition-on power source.

We used an add-a-circuit to power our gauge.  The top fuse slot protects the new circuit while the bottom fuse protects the original circuit.  We used a 5A fuse for the gauge and reused the 10A fuse for the original circuit.

Next we installed the AutoMeter gauge into the pod after we covered the underside with UltraSuede to prevent scratching the steering column plastic.

We completed our wiring by crimping Deutsch pins on the end of our 24-GA mil-spec wires and feeding them into the two pin Deutsch connectors.

Quick Reference:

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Page 2 – Oil Change, Power Steering Tube, and Spark Plug Wires
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Page 5 – Stock Water Temp Sending Unit & Roe Silicone Hose & Bleeder Kit
Page 6 – Coolant Concentration, Cap & Water Wetter
Page 7 – AC check valve & Water Temp Gauge install
Page 8 & 9 – Water temp gauge install

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