Project Viper GTS: Part 7 – HeatShield Products

Viper GTS Gen 2 exhaust pass through side sill

The exhaust passes through this opening in the chassis before going down the side of the car.  You can see the header collector in the opening as well as the exhaust hanger mount which heats up the top of the side sill.

Viper GTS heat shielding cat damage

Like the heat damage to the side sill heatshield, the chassis side heat shield was also warped with heat signatures and discoloration.

A quick little hammering and we got close to ½” extra clearance in a few areas.

Viper GTS HeatShield Products HP Stickyshield side sill

Will took a similar approach using HP StickyShield to the chassis, adding an additional layer over the factory heat shielding where the uncovered cat will sit.  He also covered the exposed chassis in this opening to insulate the chassis from the hot exhaust.

Viper GTS exhaust flex joint HeatShield Products

Will also covered the factory 1/8” thick metal heat shield with HP StickyShield (above the flex joint) to further insulate the pedal box which sits directly behind it.

Viper GTS Gen 2 under seat

The exhaust makes a turn right behind the occupant’s seat here.

Viper Heatshield Products HP Stickyshield under seat

Adding HP StickyShield right here should help insulate the cockpit from heat, especially since these pipes should be even hotter than before, due to keeping the heat inside the exhaust the entire length of the side sill.

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