Project Viper GTS: Part 7 – HeatShield Products

HeatShield Products Armor bend

Wrapping a bend is a little more complex and requires a few pie cuts to get full coverage.

HeatShield Products HeatShield Armor installed on Viper

With some patience, the installation looks fantastic.

HeatShield Products HeatShield Armor on Viper Corsa Exhaust

We also wrapped the 3” exhaust piping, but chose to leave the cat and resonator uncovered.

HeatShield Products on Dodge Viper GTS

With the HP StickyShield and Heatshield Armor completed, Will then re-installed the exhaust.  Needless to say we were very happy with the result and RareFab’s attention to detail.

Viper GTS Corsa Exhaust HeatShield Armor

Before installing the rear Corsa exhaust, Will added some HeatShield Armor to protect the differential.

Viper GTS Corsa Exhaust Heatshield Armor

The Viper has been known to melt axle seals in the differential during heavy track use.  Since we have focused so much on keeping the heat in the exhaust, we might have set ourselves up for making this problem worse.  It is probably a good idea that Will wrapped the exhaust around the differential since this could have created a headache in the future for us.


  1. I have a 09 gen IV viper that I’m getting ready to add ARH headers to along with some other mods. Will be needing heat shielding for multiple items. If you happen to have a list of all heat shielding necessary for a gen IV that would be great.

  2. I’m getting ready to put ARH headers on my 09 Gen. 4 Viper, as well as several other mods as well as a tune. It would be a big help if your company had a list of all heat shielding needed for a gen 4 viper, as I understand there are quite a few parts as well as wiring that will need shielding.

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