Project Viper GTS: Part 7 – HeatShield Products

Dodge Viper GTS HeatShield Products Armor StickyShield

It’s too bad that the side sill covers the beauty of all of this hard work.

HeatShield Products Temp Drop on Dodge Viper

With a 47.3*F average reduction in temperature, we were very pleased with the results of HeatShield Products.

After making a dyno pull, we quickly shot the uncovered and covered parts of the exhaust with an infrared temperature gun to see how much cooler HeatShield Products was keeping our exhaust:

Overall we were extremely satisfied with the results of HeatShield Products.  While the ultimate exhaust cooling solution would be to add venting to the side sill in addition to the heat shielding, we did not want to cut our OEM side sills or have to routinely check them for debris. We were successful in reducing the temperature of the side sill and inside the cabin by an appreciable amount while maintaining OEM-like reliability and peace of mind. We were also able to improve the cooling efficiency of our air conditioning system and likely increased power by reducing our air intake temperatures as well.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Project Viper GTS where we tackle the suspension to improve the handling of the already capable car.


HeatShield Products



  1. I have a 09 gen IV viper that I’m getting ready to add ARH headers to along with some other mods. Will be needing heat shielding for multiple items. If you happen to have a list of all heat shielding necessary for a gen IV that would be great.

  2. I’m getting ready to put ARH headers on my 09 Gen. 4 Viper, as well as several other mods as well as a tune. It would be a big help if your company had a list of all heat shielding needed for a gen 4 viper, as I understand there are quite a few parts as well as wiring that will need shielding.

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