Racewars 2018- Top Speed Racing Done the Australian Way!

Racewars 2018- Top Speed Racing Done the Australian Way!

by Blake Parry


Nestled in the Western Australian town of Albany, lies a runway – normally used for a quick transit to avoid the 5 hour drive from capital city Perth, or for handful of crop dusters and the local flying doctor service. Once a year, with the support of the local government and townsfolk, this airport is shut down, and transformed into what is now Australia’s only 1000m (3280ft) V-max event. This is Racewars.

Originally conceived by a group of WA locals over maybe one too many beers, Racewars is now in its 5th year, showing that a dedicated bunch of people, supported by a strong car community can achieve great things. Welcoming all comers – irrespective of vehicle type as long as it’s fast, to put man and machine to the test over 1000m of prime tarmac.


Night 1 – Meet and Greet

The Friday evening before the big weekend gives competitors and locals the ability to display their cars, and mingle in a social environment by the local marina.
Although a bit wet and with the big hitters safely already parked at the runway, the social vibe of the pre-meet was a great precursor for the weekend’s events.


The Racewars course car – a 2018 Kia Stinger. These cars are expected to be very popular in Australia with a strong tuning scene.


A famous badge – lots of more of these to come at Racewars 2018.


An Aussie favourite – the Commodore packs a GM LS2 heart (in this case with a supercharger).
Allows you to take the kids to school, but drive home like your pants are on fire.


Exotics are always a crowd pleaser, with this Lamborghini Gallardo looking fantastic in the rain.


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