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2017 Honda Civic Type R

If you’re reading this, you’ve certainly read the broad strokes of the newest Honda to wear the red “R” badge. 306 turbocharged horsepower make quite a statement in a compact hatchback.

CTR number five

Then you peer inside this car, staged dead center of the collection. Just aft of the red leather shift knob is a riveted plate with a curiously low number – R-00005, to be precise. Then you glance through the windscreen at the VIN plate. The last digits match. This is the fifth FK8-chassis Civic Type R ever built. Number R-00001, painted blue, sold in a charity auction at Bring a Trailer for $200,000.

Many red badges in this photo

Cunningham notes that his #5 car is the first one painted in Honda’s Championship White – to Honda geeks, paint code NH-0. Interestingly, only the first ten cars off the production line match their console badge number to their VIN, as car 11 and beyond were built for the European market. Beyond #10, the VIN and console badge never matched again.

This CTR has been driven a bit, but other than a couple paint blemishes and strategically placed RTR decals, it’s as it was on the day it was delivered.

Integra Type R – Five of Them

B18C5 – barely broken in

Count ‘em. Five of the DC-chassis Integra Type R – one in each color.

“But wait,” the geek within exclaims, “Acura only sold the Type R in black, white, and yellow!”

And you would be correct. Honda, however, offered the otherworldly B18C5 engine overseas – mostly in the home market – in red and silver, and the RealTime Collection Hall proudly displays one of each. Note the Japanese-market headlamps and grille.

The Milano Red Integra Type R here was a factory test mule, having driven at the Nürburgring among other places. A keen eye will note the lug pattern on the Vogue Silver Metallic four-door Type R – the earliest Japanese-market cars had the four lug 4×100 bolt pattern typical of lesser DC-chassis Integras.

As for the US market cars, the 1997 Championship White car has around 15,000 miles on the odometer – and the original tires. The Flamenco Black Pearl? 91,000 one-owner miles. The Phoenix Yellow? 4600 miles, having never seen rain despite being sold new in Chicago.


  1. Did you happen to sample the fine cuisine in Saukville?

    I always felt sad growing up around their shop and them never taking a local kid under their wing, not just me, but anybody. Seems like a shame since there were a lot of talented kids in the area.

  2. Sadly, didn’t get to spend much time in the Milwaukee area on this trip, as I was returning from a trip to Elkhart Lake. The extent of my visit was RealTime, a grocery for a case of a certain gold elixir that non-Sconnies always have to return with, and a ton of traffic on I-43.

  3. How did they get the cars lined up like that on the racks? It seems like they would have used some sort of auto fork lift.

  4. Great coverage. The DB8 integra sedan type R isn’t 4×100, its 4×114 like the accord/prelude of the same generation.

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