RealTime Collection Hall – The Power of Dreams Fulfilled

A Private Collection for The Ages

Certainly, thousands of Google Flights queries have just been launched for the best way into Milwaukee to come gawk at the collection. Sadly, you’d be better off singing a few bars of “Hasenpfeffer Incorporated” while heading to the fictional Shotz Brewery. The RealTime Collection Hall isn’t open to the public. Only very occasionally will the doors be opened for a private tour.

Peter Cunningham – Legend

We feel quite lucky that we were able to stop in and glimpse these low-mileage beauties. For those who can’t, check in on the collection on Facebook, or on Instagram @realtimecollectionhall.

We can hear the internet outrage machine cranking to life. “Drive the cars – don’t just let them sit!” is the rallying cry. We can’t disagree – but perhaps Peter Cunningham and the RealTime Collection Hall is doing future generations a great service by preserving the best examples of the breed. Most Honda and Acura models were built in such quantity that few thought to keep them in showroom condition. Here, in frosty Wisconsin, lay templates for future Honda restorers. And for preserving the power of Honda dreams, we are eternally thankful.


  1. Did you happen to sample the fine cuisine in Saukville?

    I always felt sad growing up around their shop and them never taking a local kid under their wing, not just me, but anybody. Seems like a shame since there were a lot of talented kids in the area.

  2. Sadly, didn’t get to spend much time in the Milwaukee area on this trip, as I was returning from a trip to Elkhart Lake. The extent of my visit was RealTime, a grocery for a case of a certain gold elixir that non-Sconnies always have to return with, and a ton of traffic on I-43.

  3. How did they get the cars lined up like that on the racks? It seems like they would have used some sort of auto fork lift.

  4. Great coverage. The DB8 integra sedan type R isn’t 4×100, its 4×114 like the accord/prelude of the same generation.

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