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1994 Honda Integra ZXi Real Time 4WD

Honda Integra ZXi Real Time 4WD

“Wait! Right-hand drive, but with the four round headlamps of the US market Integra? Why?”

Because that’s how it was done in 1994. The US market bumper wasn’t exclusive to this market, even as aspiring American tuners ripped off their stock bumpers in an effort to appear more JDM.

Look at the stickers on the flanks and note the ride height. This is the Integra ZXi with Real Time 4WD – spiritually a successor to the RT4WD Civic wagon that Cunningham used for ice racing. This one has less than 17,000 miles on the odometer.

1966 Honda S600 Coupe

Honda S600 Coupe

Picture 1966, and picture yourself in this Honda S600, weighing roughly 1600 pounds, sharing the road with a Chevrolet Impala weighing more than double. It’s how this author feels when driving his early Miata next to a modern three-row crossover – dwarfed. Still, a few hardy enthusiasts in other western countries (like Canada) took their chances on the S-series, Honda’s first toe dip into the sports car world, and we thank them for it. Without it, we may have never seen a Prelude, or the S2000.

9500 rpm redline. 57 horsepower. 606cc.

This model was owned by one family for its first fifty years before coming to live at the RealTime Collection Hall, showing just 27,000 miles. A 606cc dual-cam four cylinder fed by four side-draft carburetors spins like, unsurprisingly, a motorcycle – the tach redlines at 9500 and reads to eleven thousand. 57 horsepower means this S600 produced very nearly 100 horsepower per liter.

In 1966.

1991 Honda Accord SE

1991 Honda Accord SE

This one is close to your author’s heart, who owned a couple of CB7-chassis Accords over the years. Never this clean, however – and never an SE, which was the pinnacle of the lineup with a leather interior and alloy wheels. This one, like so many in the collection, has impossibly low mileage – right around 14,000 miles. Cunningham even has the original window sticker, showing a delivered price of $20,070.

1971 Honda 1300 Coupe 9

Honda 1300 Coupe 9

Beyond being incredibly rare, this 1971 Honda 1300 Coupe 9 has the distinction of being the last project headed by founder Soichiro Honda. Sourced from Australia, this could be considered the predecessor of the Prelude. Interestingly, it’s powered by a 1300cc four cylinder that is air cooled, much like Honda’s contemporary motorcycles. Four Keihin sidedraft carburetors and a dry-sump oiling system helped the 1300 produce 116 horsepower way up at 7500 rpm.

Your author was in awe and didn’t think to lower the bonnet before taking photographs.


  1. Did you happen to sample the fine cuisine in Saukville?

    I always felt sad growing up around their shop and them never taking a local kid under their wing, not just me, but anybody. Seems like a shame since there were a lot of talented kids in the area.

  2. Sadly, didn’t get to spend much time in the Milwaukee area on this trip, as I was returning from a trip to Elkhart Lake. The extent of my visit was RealTime, a grocery for a case of a certain gold elixir that non-Sconnies always have to return with, and a ton of traffic on I-43.

  3. How did they get the cars lined up like that on the racks? It seems like they would have used some sort of auto fork lift.

  4. Great coverage. The DB8 integra sedan type R isn’t 4×100, its 4×114 like the accord/prelude of the same generation.

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