RealTime Collection Hall – The Power of Dreams Fulfilled

Integra Type R World Challenge Racer

With four World Challenge manufacturers titles and five driver’s championships in the Integra Type R, it’s clear that this single model is a major part of RealTime Racing’s success.

Further, much of the street cred for the ITR is built on the backs of this humble Wisconsin race shop.

This Integra Type R has recently been restored, and it’s glorious. The SSR Competition wheels look exactly as we recall from two decades ago, back when this car ran with and beat the European competition.

TSX and RSX, and TLX-GT World Challenge Racers

These cars built upon the success of the Integra, debuting the K-series engine in competition. The RSX took second in the 2003 drivers’ championship, while the TSX brought four more titles in 2005, 2006, 2008, and 2009.

Down the line, we see the TLX-GTs from Cunningham and Eversley.

RealTime Racers

Oh, and another treat – the supercharged S2000 that Pierre Kleinubing took drifting. Hmm. Maybe that S2K should go sliding on ice, and bring RealTime Racing full circle.

Drift S2000


  1. Did you happen to sample the fine cuisine in Saukville?

    I always felt sad growing up around their shop and them never taking a local kid under their wing, not just me, but anybody. Seems like a shame since there were a lot of talented kids in the area.

  2. Sadly, didn’t get to spend much time in the Milwaukee area on this trip, as I was returning from a trip to Elkhart Lake. The extent of my visit was RealTime, a grocery for a case of a certain gold elixir that non-Sconnies always have to return with, and a ton of traffic on I-43.

  3. How did they get the cars lined up like that on the racks? It seems like they would have used some sort of auto fork lift.

  4. Great coverage. The DB8 integra sedan type R isn’t 4×100, its 4×114 like the accord/prelude of the same generation.

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