Rebuilding a Nissan R200 Differential to be More Drift Happy with Z1 Motorsports!- Part 2: Tuning the Differential and Installing the Ring and Pinion


Each drive clutch disc needs to be lined up in the corresponding spot in the differential housing with an opposing driven disc. There’s no real easy way to do this, so just do whatever it takes!  George is using a screwdriver to scoot the discs in line with each other.
Now we apply light pressure from a hydraulic press on the differential case to compress the cone spring and judge the preload on the clutches.

We could see that we could use more shims and ended up using two shims per side of the diff for 0.040″ of preload plus the additional preload of our thicker clutch discs. This would give us pretty positive locking and nearly make our diff like a spool. This makes our cone spring nearly flat.


After shimming, we install the four screws holding the two halves together.
Next, George carefully presses in the differential carrier bearings.

The new pinion bearing race is installed by tapping it down into the case. The shims used to adjust the ring and pinion backlash are under the races, and to do the initial setup, we will use the shims that came stock on the car.

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