Rebuilding a Nissan R200 Differential to be More Drift Happy with Z1 Motorsports!- Part 2: Tuning the Differential and Installing the Ring and Pinion


At this step, George installed and removed the LSD multiple times for measuring and setting the carrier bearing shim thicknesses to get the appropriate backlash to the pinion gear. The backlash is controlled by adjusting the thickness of select fit shims under the LSD carrier bearings.

Here, George meticulously measures different shim thicknesses.
The backlash was not quite right, so the LSD is coming out again to change the shims to move the ring gear toward the pinion gear more.
FInally, after a few times of trial and error, we found the right combination of shims, George measures the backlash for the final time. He hit it right on the money!
Next, George is checking the pinion gear contact pattern on the ring gear using red lead dye. The idea is to get the contact pattern of the pinion gear centered on the ring gear’s teeth. This is adjusted by using the shim thickness of the shim under the pinion gear head. Fortunately, the old shim gave a perfect pattern right out of the box.

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