Rebuilding a Nissan R200 Differential to be More Drift Happy with Z1 Motorsports!- Part 2: Tuning the Differential and Installing the Ring and Pinion


Here is a look at the rough cut of the shim.

Next George files down some of the burrs caused from cutting.

Next, George uses a die grinder with a sanding disc to finish the deburring.

Now it was time to reassemble the diff. You can see that the preload shim has been installed first before placing in the cone spring. It is installed between the pressure ring and the cone spring.
Next, the cone spring is put in place. Then the LSD case is packed with the clutches, including the two thicker ones that were obtained from KAAZ to compensate for wear and to increase the preload on the clutch stack.

Now George lines up the clutch discs to reinstall the two halves of the LSD.

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