Rebuilding a Nissan R200 Differential to be More Drift Happy with Z1 Motorsports!- Part 2: Tuning the Differential and Installing the Ring and Pinion


Next, the new Z1 Motorsports 4.10 ring gear is installed on the differential. At this step, it is extremely important to make sure there is no oil or grease in between the ring gear and the differential body because the maximum amount of contact is needed here to accurately assess the pinion gear depth and backlash on the ring gear.
Now we install the shim we pulled out from the old pinion and put it on the new Z1 Motorsports 4.10 pinion under the new bearing. The thickness of the shim controls the pinion depth on the ring gear.  The shims are select fit, but the old shim is a good starting place to measure from.
George carefully presses the bearing onto the pinion.
George applies Loctite red in the ring gear bolt holes to ensure that the bolts will not come loose.
George installs the ring gear bolts.

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