Record Breaking: PZ Tuning’s 531 WHP RSX!


Testing into twilight, the PZ Tuning car simply puts a smile on Will's face. Watching it from the sidelines, it's a beautiful car that really moves! The attention to detail and preparation for all possibilities mean that the PZ Tuning Team is a formidable opponent.

Fortune Auto Dreadnought Pro 2-Way adjustable dampers with Swift Springs (16K front and 28K rear) and Fortune Auto Camber Plates are used to keep the rubber in contact with the pavement. The rear lower control arms are from Function but the rest are stock. Most of the bushings left on the car are, much to my surprise, also stock. The rear main pivot bushing on the trailing arms is from Energy Suspension, but the rest are original equipment rubber. PZ Tuning did the alignment and corner balancing. At the track Will and the PZ Tuning team really appreciated the expertise and advice of Fortune Auto and the Professional Awesome Team – they were eager to share their knowledge of suspension setup to assist the Canadian team in getting the car up to speed quickly. Will and Aaron only had one day of testing on Thursday prior to the competition on Friday.


The suspension reservoirs are located in the engine bay. The Fortune Auto Dreadnought Pro 2-way dampers and Swift springs provide the control necessary for a win at Buttonwillow.
Fortune Auto suspension includes the camber plates. Will does his own suspension and corner balancing.

Bringing the Acura RSX to a stop are Honda Racing 4 piston calipers up front with 328 mm slotted two piece rotors and Project Mu brake pads from Mackin Industries. Apart from stainless steel flex lines and Sparco pedals, the rest of the braking system is factory.


Honda Racing calipers coupled with Project Mu brake pads bring the car to controled and precise stops. ARP studs hold things together. Hankook TD 255 40 17 are the tire of choice to keep Will in the hunt for another track record.

The interior of the car is all business. OMP Prototipo carbon fibre racing seat coupled with Schroth 6-point harness, and Window Nets all combine to keep Will safely behind the wheel. A Schroth HANS device is coupled with an Arai GP6 helmet to ensure personal safety. A built-in OMP fire suppression system is also their to ensure William’s safety under all situations. The car has a full cage to provide the protection needed in an accident. Will monitors the car’s systems through the stock gauges combined with AEM wide band, boost, and EGT gauges. For data logging he uses an AIM Solo DL.


Safety is paramount. Self-employed. Father of three children ranging from high school to elementary school. All safety equipment is top quality and employed at all times.
PZ Tuning did all of the fabrication of the roll cage. Meticulous is the only way to describe every aspect of the build. Team PZ takes full responsibility for the success and the shortcomings of this car – Team PZ is Will, Mitch, Aaron, and Matt. Pic by Will Au-Yeung.

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