Record Breaking: PZ Tuning’s 531 WHP RSX!


Addendum: Buttonwillow Raceway Park UPDATE!

I have to tell you, that I had a similar picture but Nick's photo – captured under the Californian sun – simply looks better!

Day 1 (Nov. 8): Load up the truck. Let Aaron drive a little bit.

Day 2 (Nov. 9): Buy gas a couple of times. Aaron can drive a bit more today. Eat in truck.

Day 3 (Nov. 10: Buy gas a few more times. I enjoy driving, so Aaron is shotgun again. Take pictures through truck window. Eat in restaurant, watch truck closely through window.

Day 4 (Nov. 11): Buy more gas. Arrive in California. Enjoy a real meal in a restaurant, not the truck cab. Visit Skunk2/Kraftwerks for a tour.

Day 5 (Nov.12): Visit Evasive Motorsport's Shop. Visit Mackin Industries – Project Mu's head office. Enjoy another meal, sitting at a table in a restaurant. So much nicer than the truck!

Day 6 (Nov. 13): Track is open for practice. Settled into our garage space. Tried not to act surprised but did a happy dance when no one was looking. Enough room for three cars, bright, and amazing. Canadian tracks could learn a couple of things here! Headed out to the track. Enjoyed it. Turned a 1:55.62 – not bad for a first day at the track.


The PZ Tuning car looked at home and comfortable on the track at Buttonwillow Raceway Park. Will and Aaron certainly enjoyed the comforts of the paddock garage to work on the car between sessions. 

Day 7 (Nov. SuperLap '14): 

Day started smooth, fresh set of Hankook TD's first thing! 1:55.63 in practice.
Session 1 we encountered traffic, 1:56.8 was our fastest
Session 2, started behind the Legendary Ken Suen and Big Red, left a decent gap, but caught him at the end of the esses – still good for a 1:53.10 – only a few tenths off the record! Meanwhile the SCM Integra just opened with a 1:55.2
Session 3, got a good lap in, not the tidiest but still did a 1:52.725 – a new lap record! SCM breathing fire down our necks though with a 1:52.9!
Final Session, clear track saw us start with an amazing lap, pushing as hard as we could through the esses, we just grazed the final rumble strips that totally threw us sideways – Huge Off! Tons of sand and lucky to avoid any contact! Drove straight into the pits and weaved the car back and forth to remove as much sand as possible! Tony Szirka checked out the car, had us reverse it fast and slam on the brakes to try and remove more sand! Got back onto the track, weaved back and forth to make sure it's all good. One last hot lap left – 1:51.789 new lap record! However, SCM Integra was in the next run group – they got one clean lap in, but we didn't get an official time – it wasn't until the awards that it was confirmed they posted a 1:51.9 , which gave us the win and the New GTA LFWD Record!


Okay, so maybe that was a bit too close! Time to get dusted off, remove a couple of buckets of sand from the underbody treatment, and get back out there! 
Know the track. Study it ahead of time. Visualize each corner. Put it into practice. Then drive to the limit. 
Show up at a track you've never seen in real life for practice on Thursday and the next day get a track record on competition day. Unbelievable! 1:51.789 is the new Global Time Attack Limited FWD record at Buttonwillow Raceway Park, set by Canadian Will Au-Yeung in his PZ Tuning RSX. From the Great Lakes to the Pacific Ocean to grab a victory by a tenth of a second – that is great racing.

Day 8

Change the oil in the tow vehicle. Start the 4000 kilometre drive home!

… Are we there yet! LOL!

Unofficial Results for GTA Limited Front Wheel Drive

1 LIMITED FWD 01:51.789 William Au-Yeung Acura RSX 
2 LIMITED FWD 01:51.916 Tim Kuo SportCar Motion DC2 ITR 
3 LIMITED FWD 01:55.241 Kevin Courtney Bobby Lane Racing Honda Accord 
4 LIMITED FWD 01:59.918 Efrain Flores Revo Race Team Scion tC

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