Record Breaking: PZ Tuning’s 531 WHP RSX!


It was an open Test and Tune night at TMP, meaning that the vehicles on track ranged from street cars to ChumpCars to Will's Time Attack Champion. There was even a Lotus that had just participated in Targa Newfoundland out on track. Time to ensure that all of the upgrades were working well together.
The splitter and nose come off quickly and easily, again, allowing for ease of access to components while doing trackside work. Will is swapping the wheels before heading back out at TMP. Travelling several days to Buttonwillow meant planning for duplicate parts and ensuring that all tools were packed and ready to go.
Will traded in his office at Point Zero Autosound and Performance for his seat in the Acura RSX. Noreen and his children will be happy when he returns home! Pic by Will Au-Yeung.
Loading up the truck and trailer before heading out on the slightly more than 4000 kilometre/2500 mile journey from's storefront to Buttonwillow Raceway. A light rain was falling (light snow may be here by the event date) as Will and Aaron loaded the car into the trailer, meaning that the drive to watch his son's hockey team play (an hour in the opposite direction) would take a bit longer than usual. But family is first; Time Attack is for fun. Pretty serious fun, however!

Four years of effort have gone into the build of this RSX. Well over a dozen years into honing his racecraft. Overnight success? Noreen, his wife, and his three kids will tell you that there is nothing overnight about this at all. It is a passionate build of a race car and a development of driving skill.  It is also one of balance, because first and foremost Will’s focus is upon family, then business, and then his racing hobby. In the shop his focus is upon the shop. I have seen that focus upon the customer, as he left the RSX sitting while helping a customer find a suitable adaptor for a project. And I saw the family focus as he delayed the trip to California while he joined his son for a hockey game. Then I have also seen his focus at the track, where his car and his passion to represent his sponsors is his focus. Quiet confidence. Not overstated, not overt. Well, maybe a little overt! Will is simply confident that the car is ready and capable to be on top of the podium. As a driver the main challenge is the lack of physical seat time at the track, but that is compensated for by years of experience at a wide range of tracks and knowledge of his driving skill.


Coming first – that is a great bonus. Doing his best and representing himself, his company, and his sponsors well – that is his prime goal.

I have no question in my mind that Will wants to win, I also have seen the level of preparation he has gone to as he seeks out that victory, but I also know that he will be happy with any finish, as long as he has had the opportunity to do his best. Look at the build of this car. Incredible.  Will’s final words, “I live by my work.” Final action – finishing on top of the podium in the Superlap battle!


Will, thank you for sharing your car with us. It is an awesome piece of machinery! Overnight success – nope. Endless hours of effort seeking to build an incredible car and a driver to go with it – yup! I wonder how many time attack cars will be sporting a Shark Fin next season?

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