Record Breaking: PZ Tuning’s 531 WHP RSX!


The custom rear diffuser fits perfectly. Will has the jacking points all identified to ensure ease of accessibility when working on the car.
The shark fin hasn't changed, except to add the instagram address!
I love this pic of all of the aero pieces set up on the car floor. Will points out that the alignment hasn't been completed yet. You can see the open space behind the front axle to allow heat to escape, the opening for the oval exhaust Will fabricated from Vibrant Performance parts, but don't mistake the tape for openings. The two brackets on the front spliter are designed to slip onto extensions on the tow hooks, keeping the front nose and splitter firmly in place. Will was hanging off the top of a very high step-ladder to capture this photo. Pic by Will Au-Yeung.
The Acura RSX is a great looking car. As the sun is setting and with leaves already well into their autumn colours, it helps set the stage. There's room for change – headlights being the most obvious example of what might be removed next.
Here's another shot of the old splitter and canards that were replaced the week before heading out to Buttonwillow.
This decal was added just prior to loading the car into the trailer.

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