Redline Time Attack Final Round Coverage


Redline Fontana S10

Some of the unique cars didn't stop at just the HPDE. This S10 was driven by Bill Speed and competes in Autocross, Rallycross (autocross on dirt type), Drag Racing, and Time Attack.
Redline Time Attack S10 Fontana
It's powered by a mostly stock GM LS engine, which is right at home in the mini-truck. However, this swap put it in the Modified RWD class. It also features a Top Loader 4-speed transmission, and a CFR Radiator.
Redline Time Attack Fontana
The suspension wasn't really messed with on the S10 save for this massive looking front swaybar. Well, massive for what you normally find on the S10. With the fact it runs a Pre-Runner front bumper and stock suspension, you'd expect it would also plow the front end into the wall from understeer or if you've ever driven a small pickup you'd expect the rear end to be super light, but Bill reports that the truck is actually very neutral.
Redline Time Attack S10 Fontana
You'll probably be surprised that the truck doesn't act weird with no front downforce because of the Pre-Runner front bumper, but that may be due to the lack of a tailgate, too. The Black Widow exhaust is proudly displayed in the bed while the pipes dump out of the off road bed sides.
S10 Redline Fontana
Those front and rear off road fenders are used because the truck runs on massive Asanti multi-piece wheels. How massive? The Falken Azenis tires measure a whopping 315/30R18, front and rear! Bill's best time for the weekend was a 2:08.863 with some transmission issues.
S10 Redline Fontana
To compare his times against our MPTCC Tuner Under Class that drove on this same track, Race 6 saw Richie Ho turn a time of 1:58.299 on this same track in a fully prepared Scion FR-S by APM Racing. That's a difference of nearly 10 seconds, but again we're talking about a truck that had transmission issues, too. Bill's time was about 24 seconds slower than the winning time of the weekend.
S10 Redline Time Attack Fontana
I kind of wonder if this won't bring more trucks out to time attack?

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