Redline Time Attack Final Round Coverage


Cody Kishel Auto Club Speedway redline time attack

Cody Kishel not only took home the fastest time for Modified RWD, but he also took home the fastest time of the entire event! His BMW M3 clocked a time of 1:44.901 and his closest competitor was an Unlimited AWD Nissan GTR which was still 1.658 seconds slower than Cody. Thanks to for the photo!

Modified FWD

Craig Utter Redline Time Attack Auto Club Speedway

Craig Utter was the only driver in Modified FWD in is EG Honda Civic Hatchback and turned in a time of 1:57.864.

Unlimited AWD

Casey Wallace
Casey Wallace and his Nissan GTR were the only ones in Unlimited AWD, but he was able to turn in a time of 1:46.559. His time was also the second fastest overall.

Unlimited RWD

Christine Cemo Auto Club Speedway redline time attack
Only two drivers entered in Unlimited RWD. Christine Cemo in her Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 turned in a time of 1:51.034 while class winner Alessandro Chiocchetti and his Ferrari 458 turned in a time of 1:48.856.

Unlimited FWD

joe devivo auto club speedway redline time attack
Finally, for the time attack sessions of Redline, Unlimited FWD saw something other than a Honda badge! Joe Devivo brought out this Fiat 500 Abarth to play but he would only play alone. His time would be a 2:04.794.

Super Session

casey dennis auto club speedway redline time attack
Casey Dennis would take home the top prize in the Super Session with a blow out win! He was several seconds ahead of the second place finisher.
redline time attack auto club speedway
The champagne has been poured and the winning drivers drenched in sweat and alcohol. This is the end of the 2013 Season of the Redline Time Attack series and 2014 is just around the corner. What new entries will we see and will there be any new venues to drive at? Only time will tell, but we're looking forward to another season in 2014!

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