Redline Time Attack Final Round Coverage


Zhoung Cheung auto club speedway redline time attack

That winner would be Zhoung Cheung in his Mitsubishi Evo IX with a time of 1:46.714.
Zhoung Cheung Redline Time Attack Auto Club Speedway
Zhoung had a small incident with the track and his front splitter. It shattered to pieces and he was pretty worried that his aero balance would be too far off. However, it turned out to be somewhat of an aid as less downforce equaled a little more speed.

Modified RWD

Adam Knapik redline time attack autoclub speedway
Adam Knapik in the Nissan 240SX had a day that didn't go exactly as planned. This is how the car started out on Saturday morning.
Adam Knapik FRSport Auto Club Speedway Redline Time Attack
At the end of the first practice session, his carbon fiber hood actually buckled from weak spots that had developed in this car's very interesting career.
Adam Knapik auto club speedway
You see, this car isn't just Adam's Time Attack car. It's also the same car he used to compete in the Just Drift Top Drift series as well. Looking around the car, you see battle scars of past incidents, wall taps, and other damage. In addition to losing his hood, he also lost a brake pad on the driver's side and the 240SX only began to slow after the piston made contact with the rotor.
Adam Knapik redline time attack
Adam was able to locate a used hood that they gutted to reduce its weight. The Nissan 240SX was able to notch a 3rd place time of 1:48.395.
Casey Dennis redline time attack auto club speedway
Taking 2nd place with a time of 1:45.453 was Casey Dennis, but this time didn't come without its share of troubles either.
casey dennis auto club speedway redline time attack
Earlier in the day, the crew discovered that the Garrett Turbo Honda S2000 would not make boost and found that the wastegate had failed. However, the only spare wastegate available to them had a different flange. Their only option was to weld the new wastegate directly to the turbo manifold. It worked and Casey was able to take the penultimate step on the podium.

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