Road to Speed Week 2014 Part 1: The AEM Infinity 8 EMS and AQ-1 Data Logger


Joe Lu and Josh Wang prep the car for paint - this time with marine paint

Before 5523 Motorsports could begin laying out the new harness or install the AEM Infinity 8 EMS, we had to address another issue first.  It was painfully obvious that the corrosive salt of Bonneville had begun to make lunch of Project 240SX LSR's chassis.

Project 240sx masked down for a coat of Marine Paint

After days of grinding, sanding, wiping and painting, Project 240SX LSR had a fresh coat of Rustoleom's light machine grey applied.  This time though, a marine paint was applied as a base coat to the entire floor board. 

  5523 Motorsports assess the layout options for the AEM AQ-1 and Infinity 8 EMS

With the interior freshly painted, 5523 Motorsports began focusing on laying out a new electronics board to house the AEM AQ-1 and Infinity 8 EMS.

The the layout options for the AEM AQ-1 and Infinity 8 EMS - front

The the layout options for the AEM AQ-1 and Infinity 8 EMS - back

A series of MIL Spec relays and breakers, which were originally destined for a war machine of some sort, now accompany the Infinity 8 EMS on the aluminum electronics board along with an AQ-1 data logger.  


The AEM AQ-1 and Infinity 8 EMS mock up mountRear view mirrors are pointless in land speed racing!

With the layout of the board pretty much complete, 5523 Motorsports temporarily fastened the board to the main hoop of Project 240SX LSR's roll cage.  Later on, Specialty Cars Fab will attach the electronics board to the roll cage via dzus fasteners.  Now, onto the details of our new AEM Infinity 8 EMS.  


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