Road to Speed Week 2014 Part 1: The AEM Infinity 8 EMS and AQ-1 Data Logger


AEMDATA Software

Using  the AEMDATA software, we'll be able to take the gathered data and overlay them with one another to draw correlations and understand the effects of our changes without the bias of a butt dyno.  Here's a short list of some of the data we'll be collecting using the AEM Infinity 8 and AQ-1.


I/C water temp inCharge air temp after I/C
I/C water temp outAbsolute press before I/C
Intake air tempAbsolute press after I/C (MAP)
Charge air temp before I/COil pressure
Cooling system pressureSuspension movement (all four corners)
Wheel speed sensors (drive and driven)Turbo speed sensor
Crankcase pressureExhaust back pressure
Lambda (air fuel ratio-wide band)GPS speed
Accelerator pedal positionThrottle position
Fuel pressureDual wastegate positions

So wait, why are we throwing an AEM AQ-1 data logger in the mix if the Infinity 8 EMS has data logging capabilities?  Simple, we've done run out of space for any more inputs into the AEM Infinity 8.


Garmin GPS receiversProject 240SX LSR currently uses two Garmin GPS receivers, one for the speedometer and the other for the AQ-1 data logger

The single most important reason for the AQ-1 was to allow us to accurately log speed through our Garmin GPS receiver.  Although the Infinity 8 EMS is more than capable of logging speed off the factory sensor, the accuracy of factory sensors at high speeds sucks.  The factory speed sensor does not account for aerodynamic drag or wheel scrub.  The AQ-1 has an RS-232 port that is capable of taking the input from our ultra sensitive and uber accurate Garmin 18x 5hz receiver.


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In our next update, we'll get into more detail on the AEM Infinity 8 and AQ-1's data logging capability, the infrastructure needed to support it, and specifically how the data is used to optimize the engine tune.  In addition, we'll pay a visit to the dyno where Nick Hunter and Jen Drach of 5523 Motorsports along with Clark Steppler of Jim Wolf Technology will work their magic to develop a tune for our unique SR15VET 20V.


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