Road to Speed Week 2014 Part 1: The AEM Infinity 8 EMS and AQ-1 Data Logger


The short 1.3 mile course and super loose surface of El Mirage makes the traction control capabilities of the Infinity 8 a powerful tool in besting our current land speed record.   

Another motivation for using the Infinity 8 EMS is its four channels for wheel speed which can be used for traction control.  Again, in most any other four cylinder-powered 240SX application, the two wheel speed inputs for traction control of the Infinity 6 EMS would more than do the trick.


Take a moment to review the tank slappers from the in-car video of Project 240SX LSR's record breaking run at El Mirage last year.  Then, you'll begin to understand why the Infinity 8 EMS' four wheel speed input for traction control is so enticing to for us. 
ABS Front Spindles

In order to take advantage of the traction control capabilities of the AEM Infinity 8 EMS, 5523 Motorsports swapped out the front spindles for ABS spindles which accommodated the wheel speed sensor.  In addition, a ABS ring from an S14 was installed on the hub.


 5523 Motorsports swapped the existing differential carrier to a a first generation Infinty Q45 carrier with ABS.  This housing is approximately 3/4To integrate a rear wheel speed sensor, 5523 Motorsports swapped the existing differential carrier to a first generation Infiniti Q45 carrier with ABS.  This housing is approximately 3/4″ longer and requires the shorter ABS driveshaft to compliment it.  

Essentially, the infinity 6 EMS is a two channel system taking input from one front wheel and one rear wheel.  The Infinity 8 takes input from all four wheels.  In our case, we went with a single rear wheel speed sensor since we have a welded differential.  However, a four channel system is possible by using a Z32 300ZX diff cover with individual wheel speed sensors.


Z32 Differential Carrier The Z32 differential carrier accommodates two individual wheel speed sensors, one for each axle.  If Project 240SX LSR is ever converted to a road race car, we'll ditch the welded diff for a LSD and convert to a four channel traction control system.  

In both cases, a slip differential can be established by comparing the driven wheel speed and the drive wheel speed.  Once the drive wheel (rear) speed exceeds the driven wheel (front) speed, throttle, ignition, fuel or a combination of the three can be progressively cut with the assistance of the Infinity EMS' built in traction control system.

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