Upgrading the WRX brakes with StopTech
Howard presses in the new bearings.
The new 328mm x28mm vented Stoptech Aerorotor dwarfs the tiny 266mm x10mm solid stock rotor! The rear rotor is 10.5 lbs so the Stoptech rotor is 3.5 lbs heavier but it is much bigger and has an order of magnitude more thermal capacity.
The rear iron caliper is a pound heavier than the forged aluminum and much bigger Stoptech caliper even though it looks a lot smaller.
The Stoptech rear pads are taller and have more surface area than the stock pads.
Howard reinstalled the knuckle and bolts on the adaptor that allows the use of a radial mount caliper on an ear-mounted knuckle.
Next Howard installs the rotor after reassembling the parking brake. The caliper is bolted on next followed by the brake line. The pads are dropped into place last.


  1. You are spoiled with your dry California weather. it looks easy when everything still has factory paint. Trying to do this and the suspension bushings on a similar car here in the northeast would involve torches, penetrating oil, and lots of strong language.

  2. I need a press, lathe and mill… And as DedBull noted, less rust! Sweet upgrade, fingers crossed it will last a long time for you.

  3. Will you be tracking this car? I did 20 track days on an ’04 WRX and found the pad knockback on stock brakes and street tires substantial. A larger diameter rotor will mean larger deflections and more knockback. I was considering going BBK but then the pad knockback plus tracking a car with 60% of the weight in front made me realize it would be cheaper and more fun to do the E36 M3 route. I only miss the WRX on the track when it rains.

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