Upgrading the WRX brakes with StopTech
Stoptech lines have cool brackets so no zip ties, making installation a snap!
We flushed out the brake system completely using Stoptechs STR600 brake fluid. The fluid has a 600 degree F dry boiling point!  The viscosity characteristics are matched to OEM specs making the Stoptech fluid ABS compatible.
Howard used a pressure bleeder to completely eliminate old fluid from the brake system, important in a high mileage car like this.
Our new Stoptech brakes look completely awesome and are an upgrade an order of magnitude better than the wimp[y stock stuff.
We were super pleased with the performance of our new Stoptech brake system, after bedding the brakes we tried a series of 70-0 stops and found no fade with excellent modulation and pedal feel.  The Stoptech system was so much better than stock.  It feels like you are about to get pitched through the windshield.  The pedal is hard, firm and easy to modulate. The bias is perfect and for the first time ever, Ian can brake hard enough to activate the ABS system on clean dry pavement.

The brakes totally complement our freshly rebuilt and upgraded suspension.  Ian’s WRX is now really fun to drive being well balanced and tossable now with sparkling brake capability with confidence inspiring feel!  Next, we will be putting on a larger wheel tire combo, then it’s on to the engine and transmission.  We are going to give the overlooked WRX performance that will allow it to kick sand in the face of its bigger and stronger older brother soon!

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StopTech Big Brake Kit


  1. You are spoiled with your dry California weather. it looks easy when everything still has factory paint. Trying to do this and the suspension bushings on a similar car here in the northeast would involve torches, penetrating oil, and lots of strong language.

  2. I need a press, lathe and mill… And as DedBull noted, less rust! Sweet upgrade, fingers crossed it will last a long time for you.

  3. Will you be tracking this car? I did 20 track days on an ’04 WRX and found the pad knockback on stock brakes and street tires substantial. A larger diameter rotor will mean larger deflections and more knockback. I was considering going BBK but then the pad knockback plus tracking a car with 60% of the weight in front made me realize it would be cheaper and more fun to do the E36 M3 route. I only miss the WRX on the track when it rains.

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