Subaru WRX Econo Suspension! Part 2

The Whiteline mounts are heavy-duty and designed to take the stress of a bar 3x stiffer.

You can see the wimpy stock steel swaybar mount.  You can imagine it is going to break really easily.

You can see that the White line mount which is made out of a stout aluminum extrusion is easily strong enough to do the job.

The Whiteline mount uses two bolts instead of one bolt and a tab.  This is a lot more solid than the tab and small bolt.


  1. Finding a knowledgeable, competent, and trustworthy mechanic is a real challenge. I’ve found many factory/official dealerships to be disinterested in providing quality service, resulting in everything from misdiagnosed issues, to parts not even put back on the car!

    Unfortunately, Moto IQ are located almost 16000 km away from me!

  2. Is the service tool mentioned included with the purchase of the coil overs, or does it need to be purchased separately? If separately, what is the part number?

    1. It’s actually a tool set and probably not justified unless you are a KW installer. You can hold the shaft with regular tools, it’s just not as handy.

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