Subaru WRX Econo Suspension! Part 2

We installed some new jamb nuts. Now we were ready to set the toe.

The front toe was set to zero and the rear toe was also set to zero.  You can see how the Smart Strings are used as a measuring datum point when checking the toe.

Next, it was time for a test drive, when driving over a various variety of surfaces and covering conditions, we determined that we need more front rebound damping.  We added 4 clicks more rebound in the front.  This gave good control over undulating high-speed surfaces and crisp cornering.

Our WRX now had great cornering and bump response with good transient control.  The handling was good enough for track driving with great daily driving comfort.  The handling went from dangerous to great.  You don’t have to spend tons of money to get great handling, just do the basics well!


ST Suspension




  1. Finding a knowledgeable, competent, and trustworthy mechanic is a real challenge. I’ve found many factory/official dealerships to be disinterested in providing quality service, resulting in everything from misdiagnosed issues, to parts not even put back on the car!

    Unfortunately, Moto IQ are located almost 16000 km away from me!

  2. Is the service tool mentioned included with the purchase of the coil overs, or does it need to be purchased separately? If separately, what is the part number?

    1. It’s actually a tool set and probably not justified unless you are a KW installer. You can hold the shaft with regular tools, it’s just not as handy.

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