Subaru WRX Econo Suspension! Part 2

The Whiteline mount bolts right in place of the stock part.

We bolted the bar to the mount.  Whiteline’s self-lubricating bushings do not require grease.

The Whiteline end links have a C shape to clear the lower control arm.  We put the end links in the middle of the 3 adjustment holes.

Now it was time to align the chassis.  When we got the car everything in the alignment was way off.  This greatly contributed to the dangerous handling.  Note that we use Smart Strings to align cars on our Hunter rack.  Contrary to popular belief, laser alignment racks are not that accurate. Notice they are never used in high-level racing?

We use a Smart camber gauge to check the camber.


  1. Finding a knowledgeable, competent, and trustworthy mechanic is a real challenge. I’ve found many factory/official dealerships to be disinterested in providing quality service, resulting in everything from misdiagnosed issues, to parts not even put back on the car!

    Unfortunately, Moto IQ are located almost 16000 km away from me!

  2. Is the service tool mentioned included with the purchase of the coil overs, or does it need to be purchased separately? If separately, what is the part number?

    1. It’s actually a tool set and probably not justified unless you are a KW installer. You can hold the shaft with regular tools, it’s just not as handy.

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