Survival of the Fittest – Jimahajer Garage Tacoma Overlander
Under the front bumper looking up at the whole front end
What good is all that suspension travel and offroad traction if you can’t even get over a rock?

Every good offroad vehicle needs a good angle of attack and great ground clearance, and the Jimahajer Tacoma is no exception. Up front is a Mobtown Offroad CNC laser cut plate bumper. JH opted to add the grill hoop to the already extremely sturdy bumper assembly.


Close-up of the extremely red Factor55 Ultrahook
Every good offroader needs a winch and hook combination. After all, what good is really getting yourself into trouble if you can’t get yourself out of it by… yourself!

At the “front” of this yanker setup is the Factor55 Ultrahook. Factor55 bills it as “the safest winch hook”, and it features a number of safety mechanisms on the latches as well as protective rubber to keep the bumper from getting scratched or dinged by the hook..


Smittybilt X20 10K Waterproof Winch behind the front bumper
The Ultrahook is pulled by this 10,000lb-rated winch.

The Smittybilt X20 10K is a fully waterproof winch that has a 10,000lb rating. It features a wireless remote and uses a synthetic line as opposed to chain or metallic cable. It’s neatly tucked away behind the Mobtown bumper.


Rear view of the JH Tacoma doing some crawling
The rear needs ample clearance, too.

JH outfitted the Tacoma with more Mobtown gear out back, selecting their high clearance rear plate bumper, too. The bumper is a 100% bolt-on affair, and features super thick CNC laser cut construction, like the front unit.

Another Nitto on the spare VTX rim hangs out, just in case.


Hi-Lift Jack Extreme 60 mounted to rear bumper
And, for when they need that just-in-case spare unit, the Hi-Lift Jack, in a 60-inch configuration, helps get the job done.

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