Survival of the Fittest – Jimahajer Garage Tacoma Overlander
Front Runner rack mounted to Tacoma roof
Above the cab is a bevy of Front Runner equipment, including the Slimline roof rack onto which the rest of it is attached.

It wouldn’t be a MotoIQ feature, though, if we didn’t talk a little bit about the engine.


Toyota Tacoma 4.0L V6 in engine bay
The Toyota Tacoma has an engine. It’s a 4.0L V6. It’s also equipped with an ARB Safari 4×4 Engineering Snorkel. Because being able to ford the river is so much better than having to caulk the wagon, and no one wants to die of dysentery.

Ultimately the Jimahajer Garage Tacoma Overlander is a serious wilderness machine. It may not make crazy horsepower or set any lap records, but it’s thoughtfully and purposefully constructed with an eye towards extended, independent survival. Much like any MotoIQ feature, and any well-engineered vehicle, function and form come together with intent to achieve a goal. I just hope Chris and Felixx go easy on the canned beans if they are going to spend so much time in a tent. At least the zombies won’t mind.

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