Survival of the Fittest – Jimahajer Garage Tacoma Overlander
Baja Designs S2 Pro flush mounted LED lights on rear bumper
Out back, Baja Designs S2 Sport flush mounted LED lights are installed in the rear bumper.

But if some lights are good, more is better, right?


Baja Designs lights mounted to the RCI rear bed rack
More rearward lighting comes courtesy of Baja Designs again, this time mounted to the RCI bed rack.


Baja Designs lights mounted pointing into the rear bed near the cab
And to illuminate the bed to help find all those tiny parts that the Tacoma is transporting, more Baja Designs S2 LEDs are used.


Lights tucked up underneath the roof rack
With the front and back completely covered, a few additional lights are tucked up under the roof rack pointing sideways.

The Jimahajer Garage Tacoma definitely has the illumination on lock. But controlling all that candlepower takes some gear, too.


Switch-Pro SP-9100 in engine bay
The Switch-Pro SP-9100 provides eight switchable circuits.

With four 35-amp and four 18-amp circuits, options for dimming and strobes, and more, this is a serious switching machine.

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