Survival of the Fittest – Jimahajer Garage Tacoma Overlander
Mobtown Offroad rear bumper fender tubes
Felixx and Chris opted for the fender protection tubes on the rear bumper.

Not easily seen are the various skid plates under the Tacoma — but Mobtown Offroad provides both a transfer case, transmission, and front IFS plates.


Mobtown Offroad rock sliders under the doors, viewed directly from the side of the Tacoma
Mobtown Offroad rock sliders are also used to help protect the Tacoma.

Since the suspension and wheel/tire setup provide some pretty serious crawling capabilities, the overlander-ing Tacoma was outfitted with Mobtown’s rock sliders. They keep the rocks from banging on the bottom of the doors or the fenders. That rounds out the exterior protection.

But all that overlander-ing can take some time. It might get dark. You might need to camp. That means bringing all the necessities. But, first, let there be light. Because nothing is worse than eating a raw hamburger because you couldn’t see how cooked it was. Oh, or maybe seeing where you’re driving in the dark. Yeah, that.


LED lights recessed into front bumper
Returning to the front of the Tacoma, we find a few LED additions.

Since the Mobtown Offroad bumper already had cut-outs for lights, it seemed like a no-brainer to add them. The 20″ cutout in the front bumper was filled with a Rigid Industries 20” LED light bar.


Close up of Baja Designs S2 bumper lights in bumper
The Mobtown Offroad front bumper also featured cutouts for ditch lights.

JH used Baja Designs Squadron Sports amber flush-mount bumper lights as fog lights.


Baja Designs Squadron Sport ditch lights mounted in cowl area
More ditch lights are mounted in the cowl area. Here, too, Baja Designs units are used. The Squadron Sport lights are affixed to Rago Fabrication brackets that simply bolt to the hood hinges.

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