Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 5


Finally the metal is welded in.  The cowl is somewhat weaker but this cannot be helped.  Fortunately, the cage triangulation will more than make up for it.
A good look at the final engine positioning.  The engine is a couple of inches further back than what we initially showed you in part one. The KW motorsport shocks on the front suspension seen here are actually front the rear of the car. Gary re-designed the lower shock mounts to fit the new front suspension. Chris at KW are arranging newly built and revalved units. 
You might want to check out Eric and Tyler's door mounting work.  The JDM fiberglass doors are pretty high quality and fit well.  Gary added an aluminum channel  to support the  Plastics4Performance lexan side windows.  The aluminum really stiffens the door up.  He is also going to fabricate a tubular window support like a typical drag car to hold the top of the window.
 Trick alloy door doubler and super light aluminum bolts.
Eric's superlight swiss cheese modded door hinge. He is on a psycho aluminum and titanium bolt shopping spree at the moment so it's likely these OEM steel bolts will be replaced by the next time I visit.
Tyler added the door handles with the latch linkage.  The side windows and windshield are fitted.  NACA ducts have been added to the rear side windows for the driver air supply. The Plastics4Performance Lexan windows are beautiful quality. Located in the UK, they supply many works and privateer FIA GT car constructors, rallycross and rally teams, and even club racers/track day cars. All of the windows are formed to the factory Nissan shapes fit perfectly right out of the box with no need to trim or cut. The cuts are so perfect they almost look die cut! Eric will probably explain some more in one of his future updates if he ever gets around to it.
The R34 Getrag 6-speed transmission the car previously ran is heavy and slow shifting. The R34 box was still much better than the old stock 5-speed tranny with its weak 3rd and 4th gear!  It is going bye bye for something much better!


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