Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 5


A closer look at the front structure and lower crossmember
The sway bar and the ATI front harmonic balancer are packaged pretty tightly. Tyler is whipping up a new drive hub design to suck the dry sump drive pulley closer to the ATI damper. The balancer can still be removed for servicing.
A look at the custom Tyler Hara designed engine oil pan with integral motor mounts.  This is a fabbeb up mock up so the engine and transmission locations could be finalized.  The real part will be CNC machined from billet and will contribute to the engine's bottom end stiffness. The engine's dry sump system allows for a real low profile which is critical in a soon to be flat bottomed car like ours.
A closer view of the pan and mounting system.
The engine mounts are what are known as saddle type mounts.  They have a semicircular saddle that sits on top of the tubes of the subframe.  They're not quite finished yet, but you'll get a better idea of them in a later installment.
 A closer view of half of the mount saddle.


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