Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 5


Bye Bye POS stock tranny, hello bulletproof Holinger!  The Holinger is a six speed dog shifted sequential full race transmission.  Since the dogs are more narrow than syncros, the gears can be wider and stronger.  The gears are straight cut for less frictional loss and are sequentially shifted.  This is a real race gearbox that costs more than my STI!  We are using a stock transfer case that Katsu has rebuilt with some of his RH9 tricks he learned building GT-Rs back in Japan. The ATESSA clutches now have  more discs in their clutch pack. Eric is doing something trick to the ATESSA AWD system, but he isn't really willing to discuss it just yet.  It will be controlled by the Cosworth Pectel SQ6 engine management system somehow.
Tyler Hara designed this slick adaptor plate so we could mount the GT-R Holinger with an RB26 bolt pattern to a VQ35HR.  It is CNC machined out of billet aluminum.  Tyler has the CAD so if you want one we can probably make one for you! (But it will not be cheap!)
The RB has a starter location that is the reverse of a VQ but Tyler made that work just fine with his adaptor plate.
The stock transmission crossmember that we had at first hung down too low and would interfere with the flat bottom we wanted to build to feed our rear tunnels so Gary fabricated this low profile transmission mount.  The transmission will be mounted with round hard urethane mounts much like our motor mounts.
This picture shows the sheer size and bulk of the GT-R drivetrain.  This stuff is heavy!  Good thing we got it further rearward.
Another look at the final engine mounting position.  We have added the lower front structure cross member.  Look how far back that engine is!


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