Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 5


Believe it or not the saddle is secured with quick release T-Bolt type clamps.  Although this might sound woefully inadequate, please note that Top Fuel cars use this type of motor mount.  The saddle handles the torque load rather than the clamp.  Saddle motor mounts make engine removal that much quicker and easier.
Another look at the pan/motor mount assembly.
Here is a look at our subframe and the bends we had to put in it to clear the F160 front diff.  The front diff contains a special OS Giken R35 GT-R 1 way clutch type LSD with WPC treated clutches and friction surfaces. The ring and pinion is a custom part by Albins with a 4.11 final drive ratio.
Eric double checking the balancer clearance.
Now that our sway bar is fully assembled, you can see the blade in the full stiff position.  The blade will not flex when it is in its straight up and down orientation.
The swaybar in the full soft position.  It can flex when sideways like this.  There are three different thickness blades that we can use.  This is the medium thickness one.  The swaybar is really coupled well.  When moving the suspension you can see that the bar is effective immediately as soon as the suspension moves.  Street type bars mounted on bushings have a lot more initial give to them.


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