Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 8


ark design gtr vq35hr sump

Here Tyler cuts and grinds a G35X AWD sump to clear the steering rack using angle grinders and die grinders.

ark design vq35hr sump

This is how I did it. His had a larger radius and is stronger but I'll weld a gusset in at a later date. My way took 15 minutes, his took 3 hours haha. It was like a 3D eraser etch-a-sketch. Are you seeing a common theme with this damn project? NOTHING IS FUKCING OFF THE SHELF and it took so much damn work to get this project to where it is today that I WILL NEVER BUILD A RACE CAR OF THIS CALIBER AGAIN IN MY “FREE TIME”!

katsu ark design sump machining

Once again, nothing is off the shelf with this damn car so on engine #2 Katsu had to machine the oil inlets/outlets on the O-ring seal AN port adapters I wanted to use. NPT threads are ghey and O-ring seals should be used whenever humanly possible.

royal purple max film

I did the same thing by hand at Design Craft on engine #1. I'm sure Katsu's came out better. I think Mike mentioned it before, but I use Royal Purple Max Film for everything. I have like 6 cans all spread out wherever I work on this damn car.

okada projects coils on ark design gtr

The custom Okada Projects ignition coils were made specifically for this car and have a maximum output of 9 amps each. How's that for spark power?!? The base coils are Bosch units from a current model Porsche, but I'm not quite sure which car.

vq35de in bnr32 gtr

While there has only ever been pictures of a mock up engine in the car, have you ever noticed that there were no accessories on the engine? The only accessory the engine will be driving is a dry sump oil pump and that's it. We are using an SW20 Toyota MR2 electric hydraulic power steering pump and there will be no alternator. That's right, no alternator and associated wiring, idlers, belts, etc. which allows increased reliability and a weight savings of up to 20 lbs.! 

braille battery on ark design GTR

A single Braille Lithium-Ion battery should give the car a calculated 24 minutes of total run time which is considerably longer than a full fuel cell will allow. The great thing about Braille's Lithium batteries is that even at 90% discharge, there's still over 12 volts. What this means is that the Braille Lithium battery will run a car longer before it is totally discharged since it is still over 11.2 volts at complete discharge. A full recharge, assuming the battery is totally discharged, is under an hour too. At only 8 lbs (3.63kg), this Braille battery has a chance of revolutionizing the Unlimited or Pro classes of Time Attack. Just remember you saw it here first.

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