Tested: Burns Stainless NHB Porsche 987 Cayman and Boxster Exhaust System


The Burns exhaust uses all stainless V-Band clamps for easy removal of the mufflers for servicing. 
The Burns exhaust uses saddle hangers that bolt to the OEM exhaust bracket to support the exhaust. The exhaust itself is attached to the saddle hangers with sprung clamps.  Saddle hangers are good practice to use when hanging thinwall stainless exhausts. We have used them for race cars before and it's cool to see them used here on a street car.
Our test car is a 2008 Cayman S.  Before doing anything, we first ran the car on our Superflow chassis dyno to establish baseline numbers.
The factory exhaust is hung from this rubber mounted tubular member.  We began the removal process by unbolting the exhaust from it.
The cat to exhaust bolts were rusted solid.  We applied WD40 and let it sit.  If we were to do this again we would have applied some sort of rust penetrant the day before.  The rusted bolts were unusual for a late model car and we were surprised to see them on a California car.
To get more leverage on the rusty bolts Howard removed the wheels so that he could have more room. Despite being very careful we still managed to snap one bolt. 

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